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Sabra Plant Launch, Richmond, Virginia

In another grand event, conceived and produced by Papush (see their work here), we had the opportunity to build an entire world food market for Sabra Hummus, using repurposed woods for all of the booths. Spread across two large tents, each stand sold street food from the region it represented. The innovative production designer made sure that every element of the wardrobe and produce accurately displayed the flavor and culture of the region it represented.

TalkSpace, 5th Avenue, NYC

For two days, two giant inflatable domes were placed on 5th Avenue, Manhattan. Passers-by were welcomed to enter the domes, sit down and dive into a session with a Talkspace therapist.  They were covered widely by USA TODAYHuffington PostGlobesYnetLayla CalcaliSignon, Mizbala, Orly & Guy and  AOL.

We were commissioned to do the woodwork and some of the structure, by our long-time collaborators, Papush, a studio known for bringing the extravagant WoW factor to high end promotions in NYC and other major cities around the world.

“Talkspace is a startup that wishes to make therapy more accessible and affordable. Via a web and mobile chat application, it connects users from all over the world with therapists, easily, anonymously and at a low price.In order to promote the startup, we teamed up with Alon Seifert, with two goals: raise the awareness to the availability of mental health services at the age of touch screens and send out the message that mental help is nothing to be ashamed of, but should be transparent.This is what led to the idea of the transparent cubicles.”
– Papush